GB Magnetic Plates

GB Magnetic Plate

GB Magnetic Plates

GB magnetic plates are just one of the options available to you when driving in France and the rest of mainland Europe.

You’ll find out more about why you need to have the GB symbol on your vehicle when driving in Europe on our homepage.

Read on to find out more about magnetic Plates, what they are, how they differ from other options, fitting and their removal.

Why a GB Magnetic Plate?

GB magnetic plates have a couple of very important advantages to standard GB Stickers.

First and foremost, magnetic plates can be easily removed once you’ve returned to the UK from Europe. There is no adhesive and you’ll not need to remove any sticky residue. You’ll also suffer less damage to your paintwork.

Secondly, you can easily take the magnetic plate off. This is great if you change your car, motorhome, trailer, caravan or motorcycle. You can therefore easily put it on your new vehicle.

Magnetic plate fitting instructions

As with stickers, there are certain things you must be aware of when fitting GB magnetic plates.

Firstly prior to attaching the magnet you must find a flat piece of bodywork free from damage. Damaged, bent or curved bodywork will allow wind to get under the magnet which may cause it to lift.

Secondly, always ensure the area is dry and free from dirt and suit as again this will prevent the magnet from sticking properly.

Removing GB magnetic plates

The most important thing about GB magnetic plates is to remove them when you return from Europe.

This is done for several reasons. Magnets left in situ for long periods of time will lose some adhesion. They could lead to patchy paintwork where the sun ages it and finally if you go through a car wash the magnet may fail.

If you’re buying a GB magnetic plate please ensure you buy one that has been speed tested. Many aren’t, and could therefore¬†blow off at high speeds.

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